About Us

Kognition, through their Directors Rob Crabtree and Brett Greedy, have unmatched experience and expertise in developing and delivering training packages to meet the needs of basic entry level education through to advanced case study theory.

In addition to their involvement in Kognition, both Rob and Brett were partners in FWG Training Services, a business contracted by a peak industry body to develop and write the following units of government accredited studies: 

  • Permit Issuing Authorities;
  • Quarantine Procedures;
  • Customs Clearance Practices;
  • Introductory Tariff Classification
  • Complex Tariff Classification;
  • Goods & Services Tax;
  • Barrier Clearance Functions
  • Introductory Valuation;
  • Complex Valuation; and
  • Advanced Integrated Projects


Rob Crabtree

  • Director, Kognition Pty Ltd.
  • Director, Professional Development and Training, Customs Brokers' and Forwarders' Council of Australia (CBFCA)
  • Former Director of Consulting Services for the South Pacific Region, Tradewin.
  • Former General Manager for Customs and Compliance for the South Pacific Region, Expeditors International Pty Ltd.
  • Former Manager for Insurance and Risk Management for the South Pacific Region, Expeditors International Pty Ltd.
  • Former Partner FWG Training Services 

Robert brings in excess of 37 years experience in customs and indirect tax with him. Robert has managed both customs and forwarding operations within Australia and acted as a senior trade analyst for many blue chip multinational corporations.

Robert’s industry recognised expertise has seen him engaged by both the Australian Customs Service and law firms alike as an expert independent witness in matters before the courts. His views on such matters as Government trade policy have been published and his opinions on law reform sought by commissions.

Robert’s expertise also extends to post graduate lecturing, having presented successfully on the circuit for the past 20 years in addition to being engaged by technical institutions & industry peak bodies to develop and write course curriculum, having previously sat on the National Examinations sub-committee, the NSW State education and legislation committees and was elected Chairman of the inaugural joint industry Customs Course Advisory Committee.

Robert has been licensed by the Government since 1986, holds a fellowship with the CBFCA and is fully accredited by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources. His specialist experience covers all facets of international trade from tariff and valuation to Government assistance and grants, dumping, compliance and duty minimisation with a strong commitment to training in complex customs related matters.

Career Milestones 

1986:        Licensed to practice as a Customs Agent

1986:        Admitted as an Associate to the CAIA

1991:        Elected to the Board of the CAIA (NSW)

1992:        Elected to the inaugural Board of the CBCA (NSW)

1992:        Accepted the NSW Industry Reference Group’s nomination to write the ACTRAC Import/Export Project

1992:        Engaged to write the National Tariff II Syllabus

1992:        Commenced lecturing post-graduate in advanced customs technical subjects

1994:        Elected as Chairman to the Joint Industry Customs Course Advisory Committee

1998:        Admitted as a Fellow to the CBCA

2005:        Formed a short term Joint Venture (FWG Training Services) to accept and write the entire on-line          curriculum for the CBFCA’s brokers’ training course

2016:        Elected Director of Professional Development & Training, Customs Brokers' and Forwarders' Council of Australia (CBFCA)

2017:        Served on the Customs Compliance Advisory Group


* Served on the CBCA:

  • National Legislation Committee 
  • State Legislation Committee
  • National Examinations Sub-Committee
  • State Education Committee

* Served on the AQIS/CBCA Steering Committee to formulate the direction and expansion of the AQIS accreditation program

* Employed by TAFE as a technical assessor of examination papers

* Articles published by “Import Journal”



Brett Greedy

    • Director, Kognition Pty Ltd.
    • Former General Manager of Consulting Services for South Pacific Region, Tradewin;
    • Former Customs Manager of Expeditors Sydney;
    • Former Partner FWG Training Services;
    • Lecturer at Kangan TAFE;

In addition to Brett's experience as a technical teacher within Victorian college system, Brett brings in excess of 20 years experience within the Customs Broker / Freight Forwarding industry, 18 as a licensed Customs Broker. This includes 5 years as manager prior to turning his expertise to the field of international trade consulting.

Brett has been involved, throughout his career, in all facets of the Customs Broker / Freight Forwarding industry from clerical duties through to complex classification and valuation issues. In addition, Brett's experience has been further enhanced to large scale projects, within his consulting role, which requires additional skills to facilitate compliance with numerous government programs to assist clientele in achieving the lowest possible, legally available, duty and tax liabilities. 

Brett has been a licensed Customs Broker for 22 years and retains membership with the CBFCA at the level of senior associate. Brett has also been accredited by AQIS in all Customs Broker related programs within the co-regulation schemes.


Career Milestones 

1993:        Licensed to practice as a Customs Agent;

1996:        Promoted to Customs Manager;

2000:        Joined Tradewin as a junior consultant;

2005:        Formed a short term venture (FWG Training Services) to write the entire online curriculum for the CBFCA brokers training program;

2006:        Commenced lecturing post graduate advanced Customs technical technical subjects;

2008:        Elected as a Senior Associate of the CBFCA;

2011:        Promoted to General Manager of Tradewin;



* Currently in my third year a volunteer Club Secretary for Spring Hills FC:

* Volunteer at local Kinders, coaching of soccer teams and community events to assist growth within the local   community;