Dismantling Customs Compliance Program

The CEO of Australian Customs and Border Protection (Customs) recently announced that as a part of a functional and organisational re-structure planned for Customs that the Compliance Assurance Branch will cease to exist …..

This was not seen as a negative by the bureaucratic protectors of our borders due to the formation of a Strategic Border Command and other various organisational units within that construct. However, along with the bathwater out went the baby, at least as far as the private sector industry is concerned.


Along with the re-structure went the ending of Customs’ bi-annual Compliance Update and, in a statement that confuses the reason why the Compliance Update is to end, we have been told that consistent with the themes of reform and a tougher stance on non-compliance, this final edition of Compliance Update covers topics such as the proposed Trusted Trader Scheme, the new Infringement Notice Scheme and our work to combat assembly orders and other cargo reporting deficiencies. Perhaps they are important enough for the last edition, but not important enough to report on moving forward?

I also note the recent comments of the Customs Brokers & Forwarders Council on this matter and can only concur when they said “The Compliance Update provided significant detail to industry on ACBPS compliance activity. Without such reports the industry is not able to address compliance deficiencies. Transparency and consultation appears to have disappeared in relation to these arrangements.”

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